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Things to see flightseeing out of Haines

There are many things to see when flightseeing out of Haines, Alaska. First of all you get a wonderful ariel view of the Chilkat River and town of Haines. There's the beautiful Lynn Canal and the Chilkat Islands. Haines is surrounded by the Takshanook, Chilkoot, and Chilkat Mountains is a shot flight over into Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve.

Haines Top Flightseeing Company

Mountain Flying Service is Haines original flightseeing company. They've been operating out of Haines for over 20 years. They have a spotless safety record and sport the newest plane for flightseeing, in all of Northern Southeast Alaska. The plane has remarkable windows and no wing struts to obstruct the breathe taking views. The plane also accomodates up to 4 passengers comfortably. Every other operator of flight service in the area has windows at least 3 times small and obstructed views from either wings struts or low wing planes.

Other flightseeing Haines links

Alsek flights often operate out of Haines and provide support for people rafting the Alsek River out of Canada into Glacier Bay.

Haines Rental links

Haines Rentals. 33 Mile Roadhouse has cabins for rent. The Sheldon Shack, Haines Rental is a remote rental up the Klehini River.

More Alaska flightseeing

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